Welcome to St.Joan.

Whether you are a new parishioner or just visiting, we're glad you stopped by our website. Whether you are moving to Mobile, exploring Catholic Christianity for the first time, or returning to the Catholic Church after some time away, you are most welcome at St. Joan of Arc.

Located in the heart of Oakleigh Historical District, St. Joan of Arc Parish has been serving this neighborhood for over 100 years. We seek to serve as a catalyst for friendship and fellowship across generations; from the retirees, to new families, to single young adults, all are welcome and encouraged to interact! Our weekly Sunday Brunch provides an excellent backdrop for that, as all of our parishioners sit and enjoy the delicious, home-cooked food that our Sunday Brunch Social Committee provides!

If you are looking for an intimate, close-knit group of Catholics to do life with, look no further than St. Joan of Arc Parish. We have room for you, and we hope to See You on Sunday!

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